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What we do

We make easy-to-use, intuitive, web-based software solutions that helps companies work more efficiently with less resources. We focus on four things:

  • Your Success: Making our clients successful is our top priority.
  • Customer service: We work hard to keep our clients happy.
  • Security: We take the up-most care of the security of our client's data.
  • Usability: We strive to provide the most convenient and easy-to-use software.

How we work

We believe in providing complete solution for your business. From consulting services and helping you importing your data in LinkSource, to the training of your staff, we take care of the whole process. Our goal is to make sure you get up and running and start reapping the benefits of using our platform from day one.

We continuously work on improving our software to make sure our clients always have the most-powerful features to run their business. We only use well-known, mature Open Source technology to offer maximum security and features set to our clients.


Who we are

LinkSource was founded in 2012 by a Swiss IT engineer with 8+ years experience building software and websites for Fortune 500 companies and SMEs in China. Since then, LinkSource has been in charge of the design and implementation of multiple IT projects for clients in a wide range of industries and has constantly over-delivered to ensure clients satisfaction and success.